Montessori Childrens Garden UAE

The Montessori Children's Garden has been purposefully designed to honor and follow the life's work of Dr. Maria Montessori, who developed a philosophy of education that puts the child at its heart.
 We provide a home-like environment, where children are nurtured and guided according to each child's unique potential.
 Our Teachers posses a love and respect for children, with a deep understanding of the principles and practice of the Montessori philosophy. The teacher is the link between the child and the prepared environment and introduces children to concepts and skills following their natural development.
 Our rooms are beautifully designed with carefully chosen materials and resources that follow the child rather than a one size fits all educational approach.
 The Montessori Curriculum and program is sensitive to the needs of children by providing both routines and freedom for children to explore their interests.
 It is our aim to work in partnership with families to build a link between home and the Nursery. To share the spirit of the Montessori approach in order to help you, as parents gain an understanding of the amazing potential of your child.
 "The child is both hope and promise for mankind"
 Maria Montessori