Inside the Dubai Safari

Safari Village
 The main attraction of the Dubai Safari is the Safari Village drive through. Here our guests are taken on a journey of discovery through Africa and then Asia in one of our comfortable buses. You will be accompanied by one of our professionally trained guides that will not only explain what you are seeing but also answer your questions and feed your curiosity with interesting facts. Some of the highlights of this unforgettable journey are the only drive through exhibits in the UAE, such as the hippo exhibit and the baboon canyon with over 70 baboons living as one large troop. As you leave the baboons, you drive through the African grasslands where you will come face to face with hoof stock of all shapes and sizes, from giraffes to antelopes and zebras. Just when you think that things can t get any better, you enter into the largest drive through lion exhibit in the UAE, where our big cats relax on cooled rocks as they watch not only our guests drive by, but also are able to view the antelopes grazing a safe distance away. Just before leaving the African precinct you drive through our breeding group of White Rhinos.
 Traveling over the bridge, you enter into Asia, where you drive though crocodile exhibit, another pioneer experience in UAE, after exiting these prehistoric animals, you once again enter into the Asian plains with deer and antelopes grazing and resting. But don t relax, because we are about to enter into the one of our biggest highlights, as we drive into our elephants exhibit holding the largest herd of elephants in the UAE. Watch these Goliaths of the living world swim, play and even take a mud bath while our experienced guide talks you through what you are seeing. Your next exciting drive through is the Tiger Falls, where you will be able to see these hunters of Asia up close and as you drive under the waterfall, our guide will once again explain what we have done to save these magnificent animals. We exit the tigers to explore the Asian hills where you will see Thar and mountain goats, finishing the safari with our cheetah drive through, you are then dropped off close to one of our world class restaurants and the Elephant caf .
 African Village
 This village is dedicated to the African mammals both large and small, from the world s largest land mammal, the African Elephant to the tiny Meerkat. We also have Dubai s largest walk in Aviary where our valued guests can come in and relax in the world of flight with birds from all over the planet where the hardest thing here will be to keep track of how many birds are flying around. The reptile house is not every ones cup of tea, but for those of you that have a fascination with these cold blooded animals, this house is a must to visit. We haven t forgotten the primates of Africa with the two great apes (gorillas and chimpanzees) on display in both an outside exhibit and a large indoor AC controlled exhibit.