Dolmabahce Restaurant Abu Dhabi

Dolmabah  e in English means,    The filled garden. From the 17th century onwards, a small bay on the European shore of Bosphorus, Istanbul was gradually filled to become an imperial garden, known as Dolmabahce. Since the Sultans loved the site a lot, plenty of mansions (k  sk) and pavilions (kasir) were built on that spot during the 18th and 19th centuries. To this date, this is where the Dolmabahce Palace stands
 The restaurant is lavishly designed in 17th century Ottoman Empire style and it displays impressive features of the Neo-Classic and traditional Ottoman art and culture from the floors right up to the crystal chandeliers.
 In over 600 years of Ottoman cooking experience, the recipes date back to the classic Turkish and Ottoman Empire served in a contemporary approach. Dolmabahce takes pride in what they make, as the menu draws up from fresh ingredients, prepared daily from scratch and served in a high class manner to every guest. The atmosphere and food aims to ensure that guests are given a taste of the Sultan's most glorious era.
 Aside from the hot/cold mezzes and the traditional dishes, the restaurant serves original meat recipes and one of a kind serving in Abu Dhabi- the Testi Kebab which is a mix of meat and vegetables cooked to perfection in a sealed clay pot. We mix our own yogurts, syrups, sauces, whip up our own sweets and bakes its bread fresh daily.
 Dolmabahce welcomes and assures you the most exquisite and authentic Turkish dining experience in Abu Dhabi.