Content Marketing in SEO

  • 27 Oct 2017

Like King, Like Content Content is the King in SEO!!
  Content marketing is the art of understanding exactly what your prospect and customers need to know and deliberately producing optimized content based on keywords that are driving organic search traffic and conversions. Then delivering that content in a relevant and compelling way to grow your business by socializing the content through your organization s social networks is what content marketing is all about.
  Content marketing is spreading the word about your company and product to millions of people without spending direct money on advertisements. There is scope for content marketing wherever there is content. Fortunately, a company can promote content without spending direct money on promotions.
  Content Marketing has a strategy cycle that starts with content creation and end with its optimization. After the creation, do researches on the content, measure, promote and publish it before optimizing. Promoting the content marketing without spending money on paid promotions is what we call Organic content marketing. Organic marketing takes time but once it starts yielding results you will keep getting customers on your website with zero spend on additional marketing. There are different types of Content Marketing;
  Social media posts
  White Papers
  How-to Guides
  When selecting the type of Content Marketing we need to consider three things, which is called as the APP . Yes, the Target Audience, Brand or Product and the Purpose. Who you want to reach your message, the brand or the product you want to sell and the purpose of the promotion are the key factors to be considered before selecting the type of content marketing.
  How Content Marketing helps SEO rankings?
  There has been a huge change in the search algorithms in the recent years which made the isolate content marketing and SEO campaigns to a work-together culture to achieve the same goal. To be very precise, there is no SEO without Content . Be it keyword optimization or back linking, it is impossible to pursue results without developing a body of valuable content. Even if there are key differences between content marketing and SEO, both work together to generate the best results. Let s find out how content marketing benefits SEO.
  1) The more the content means, the more the keyword opportunities
  Through the use of articles, blog posts, guides, and other written contents, you can use more keywords relevant to what the website is about which allows you to go beyond small paragraph limitations in the homepage of your website.
  2) Google s preference on Substantial Contents
  Your Ranking can get hurt if the visitors get tired reading your contents that lacks relevant information. The highest ranked Google SERPs tend to have the highest amount of substantial contents. By creating such substantial contents that visitors really appreciate; you will have the best chance to take the top spot.
  3) Content engages visitors to stay longer
  If your content begins to send people away very quickly, that can harm your rankings. So length is important, but don t waste your visitor s time, either. Content can help you combat a high bounce rate and solve problems like this, especially if it s done thoughtfully. Always try to start with an introduction about what you are going to say, link pages into it, also provide suggestions and will be more effective if you gave them an option to comment.
  4) Uniqueness in Content helps get better rankings
  Focus on something which is not expressed or done before. Combine keyword research with content writing. Do a research on what people are searching online about your products and/ or services. Write the content based on the interest of their needs and as a conclusion link your products and/ or services page so that visitors will have the opportunity look into what you do.
  In short, content is one way to demonstrate your brand s integrity and help your audience trust you and a majority of business people says content marketing contributes to the SEO benefits that indeed helps achieve the business goals.
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